15 February 2021

Recording your harvest in Agworld has changed

Recording your harvest in Agworld has changed

Harvest is an integral part of the farming season; recording harvest operations, yield and revenue in Agworld is the final piece of the puzzle for each season. Together with other operations and costs incurred during the season, harvest data allows you to benchmark your performance across your farm, and make more profitability-focused decisions when planning for the new year.

After talking to our customers and gathering feedback, we determined that in future the three parts of recording harvest information (the operation, the transport and the sale) need to be able to be separately entered, and at various points in time. Our customer feedback also made us realize that the tools for recording and reporting on harvest need to be flexible to suit a variety of cropping systems.

One of the Agworld development teams has been busy working on these and some other exciting developments to improve the way harvest is recorded and tracked in Agworld. With these new solutions, the Agworld harvest tool has changed to give you more flexibility and visibility of harvest activities, delivery and revenues across your farming operation.

When were the changes released?

The changes to the Agworld harvest tool were released in February 2021.

Which new features are now available in Agworld’s harvest tool?

You will be able to include planned harvest activities in your season plan, meaning that this will make it easier to convert a plan to an actual when harvest operations are in full swing.

You will be able to record harvested area on our updated harvest activity form when an operation doesn’t cover the entire field. When converting a ‘to-do harvest job’ to an actual with a smaller harvested area, you’ll be able to keep the job open and see how much progress you have made on the field and how much area is remaining, all through the Agworld app.

You’ll be able to enter your harvest loads as they’re transported from the field and add harvest income at a later stage against your commodities when you know the final sell price. This new workflow allows you to record crop details as-harvested and again when it is sold to give a more accurate picture of profitability across all of your fields that contributed to your revenue.

Enter your own harvest units. Boxes, cartons, trays, bags, bins? You can now set up custom units that make sense to your crop type and your operation.

We’ve added more flexibility to the commodities sold from the crop. For example, if you have sold a portion of your malt barley crop as feed barley instead, you can record these as separate commodities and attribute the income that you received from each commodity as transactions. This enables you to get better visibility of the income from commodities sold on a given field that produced the crop.

New and improved harvest summaries and reports are now available for you to easily track your harvest progress during the busy harvest season and export the information you need for key stakeholders and planning decision-making.

We have also developed these new features keeping in mind API connectivity with other systems so that we’re ready to partner with other providers and you can integrate your harvest data when the time is right.

What do Agworld customers need to do?

Agworld customers only need to update their mobile apps to the most recent version to access all the new features.

We've updated our harvest help articles at help.agworld.com and will be running a webinar to introduce the new features and how to use them. Please contact the Customer Success team for more information!

More Information

The John Deere harvest re-implementation is expected to be released in March, this will link John Deere harvest operations to Agworld harvest activities and harvest load records. We will provide you with more information on this as we get closer to the anticipated release date.

We are confident that these changes will provide increased flexibility in the timing and recording of harvest activities, and give you full context of your farm’s profitability and performance.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success representative for more information.

Louisa Detje

Louisa Detje

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Louisa Detje joined Agworld in April 2018 after completing a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. Louisa started her career at Agworld in the Australian Customer Success team and is currently part of Agworld’s marketing team as Digital Marketing Coordinator. Louisa is passionate about food security and sustainability throughout the ag vertical, and is Agworld’s resident expert on these and other themes.

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