26 June 2017

Your Region's Rainfall Map

Rain is the lifeblood of Australian Agriculture and in years like this when it does finally rain, it can be pretty patchy. BOM records are helpful but don’t always accurately reflect what fell on your farm. As a result, most farm businesses already keep rainfall records and we’ve built a new feature that makes them even more valuable.

We’ve reimagined rainfall recording: creating a map where both farmers’ and BOM’s rainfall records come together to show where rain fell in your local area.

That’s why we’ve made it completely free for farmers and their staff to record their own rainfall as well as share it with those around them. This will enable farmers and their Agronomists to respond to rainfall events without having to check gauges kilometers away.

Recording and reviewing rainfall on the Agworld apps is easy. Download Agworld for iPad or iPhone and then tap “Rainfall” in the Agworld menu. To review the rainfall records around you simply “opt-in” to sharing your rainfall records. Opting-in allows you to share your rainfall with both your Agronomist and your neighbors.

Swipe “Share your readings” to opt-in and see the rainfall readings around your property

We sincerely hope that you’ll contribute to what we hope will be the most comprehensive and useful rainfall map across Australia.

Want to learn more about our rainfall feature? Find out how you can record and review your own rainfall, review the rainfall around your property or review your clients' rainfall.

Update: We now have over 1,800 shared rain gauges across Australia. We're filling in the rainfall data gaps, helping create localised rainfall maps for farmers across the country.

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