23 March 2023

Take the stress out of state audits

Take the stress out of state audits

It is safe to say that nobody likes compiling reports.


Because it forces us to look back and gather information that is often in different places. It takes time and becomes a headache. The farming equivalent is state / gap audits.

Whether it be state / gap audits or even processor needs, it is stressful trying to make sure you have all the information required.

So how can you find and share product use info quicker?

We want it to be easy for our customers to access key product information as well as be able to share it with auditors, third party agronomists and/or their own internal employees.

That is why we have updated the Product Usage Detail report! You now have everything you need to make farm reporting that much easier so you can focus on what you love the most…farming.

Why did we create this report?

To help you organize key product application data into easily readable reports for internal and external farm reporting requirements (such as state or gap audits, processor requirements, etc.)

How can this report be accessed?

Through standard reports

How can information from this report be shared?

This report is readable through Agworld, and printable.

What is included in this report?
  • Farm, Field & Crop Details
  • Product name
  • Active Ingredients
  • Rates & Total Amounts
  • Application Details (Application Volume & Method)
  • Re-Entry Interval and Pre-Harvest Interval (Earliest Allowable Harvest Date)
  • Weather Records
  • Pest & Problems
  • EPA #s
More exciting updates:
  • This report is now customizable - you can choose to exclude operations and financials.
  • You can now filter by:
    • Farms & Fields
    • Crops
    • Date Ranges & Seasons
    • Activity Types & Status

Have questions or are interested in running this report today? Reach out to us via the chat box or contact our customer success team at 970-460-8660.

Emily Mertes

Emily Mertes

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Mertes started her career at Agworld on the Customer Success Team and is currently part of Agworld's marketing team, leading all marketing initiatives in North America. She grew up on the east coast and attended Virginia Tech where she graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Currently living in Sacramento, California, when Emily isn't working you can find her running or hiking, reading a good book, or trying a new recipe. Contact emily.mertes@agworld.com

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