27 June 2021

Weather records on Agworld ‘actuals’

Multiple weather records enabled on Agworld

Accurately recording weather conditions while applying herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and other inputs to a field has never been more important than today. Chemical labels are becoming increasingly more intricate and the pressure by environmental authorities to comply with all relevant legislation is growing as well. Combine this with an increased demand by commodity buyers, exporters and processors to know exactly what happened to a crop while growing, and growers are left with no other choice than to keep very accurate records of the exact weather conditions during every application.

Agworld has long been the record keeping-tool of choice for many growers around the world, but we felt that we could make further improvements in order to keep enhancing Agworld’s weather recording features. As of today, all Agworld users will enjoy the following improvements:

  • Users can now create multiple weather records for each activity. Depending on which chemical you apply, you might choose to create a new weather record every hour, or every load for example. You can add as many weather records with a timestamp to each actual as you want, and all of them will be visible on the ‘Activity PDF’ as well.
  • Delta T and wind gust have been added as ‘weather attributes’, meaning they can now be recorded in their own standard fields instead of in the generic comments section.
  • Wind directions can now be entered as a numeric degree instead of just as a cardinal direction to make it easier to enter specific weather station data straight into Agworld without having to make any manual calculations to do so.

We are confident that you will find these feature enhancements very useful in your daily operations and that they will make it even easier for you to accurately keep track of the weather conditions during your spraying operations. If you have any questions about these feature updates or if you would like some help to make the most out of them, please don’t hesitate to contact your Agworld Customer Success Representative.

Louisa Detje

Louisa Detje

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Louisa Detje joined Agworld in April 2018 after completing a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. Louisa started her career at Agworld in the Australian Customer Success team and is currently part of Agworld’s marketing team as Digital Marketing Coordinator. Louisa is passionate about food security and sustainability throughout the ag vertical, and is Agworld’s resident expert on these and other themes.

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