Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

Get peace of mind that you’re meeting compliance requirements and have an uncomplicated way to prepare for audits. Agworld’s easy to export reports and standardized product database provide the right tools to painlessly comply with regulatory requirements.
Agworld client, JF Phillips

"The aim for us with Agworld is to get a solid database of all inputs that have been applied in every field of our orchards. We want to be able to look back at exactly what we have done so we can use this information for a number of different reasons, the biggest reason being audit reports."

Luke Anderson
Allan Brothers Inc., Yakima Valley, WA

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Agworld client, Todd Crozier, Lynchris Farm

Capture data that's ready for export

Compliance is important when it comes to growing any crop, especially those grown for human consumption or export. When guaranteeing high food safety standards, additional administrative requirements often come with it. You and your team can easily capture digital fertilizer, spray, seeding and harvest records on Agworld in detail to keep track of operations carried out on the farm, stored in the cloud and ready to be exported into reports on demand.

"Because we now capture all our crop inputs as well as planting dates, harvest dates etc. in Agworld, it has become very quick and easy to create exactly those reports that we need to send to NZGAP."

Todd Crozier
Co-owner, Lynchris Farm, Leeston, NZ

Access to labels and safety information

Agworld’s product library gives you offline access to critical product labels and safety information. This is all managed for you, you don’t need to upload or manually save any product labels, safety data sheets or active ingredient information.

Cal-Ag compliance

Import and store CalAg licences. Submit your mandatory CalAg Notice of Intent (NOI) and Product Use Records (PUR) with a few clicks. Check the status of submissions wherever you are.

Rate validation

Recommend and apply pesticides with confidence knowing that you are complying with label application rates and safety instructions. Check your recommended rates against a comprehensive database of label information, even when you’re offline.

Easily prepare for audits

With reports at your fingertips you can quickly and easily export data out of Agworld to satisfy audit requirements.

"Previously, these growers had to keep track of their nutrient inputs in complicated spreadsheets where they tracked the products they had used, the elemental build-up and the time at which it was applied. The advantage of doing this all in Agworld is that it’s so much easier to track exactly what was done and, at the end of the season, run one simple report that shows how much of each element was applied to each individual field."

Javier Lopez
Treskilion Management, Sunnyside, WA, USA

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