Agronomic Insights to support your decision making

Field Snapshot

Understand how a field is performing at a glance, both agronomically and financially, to make vital decisions without having to first wade through reports.

  • Agronomic snapshot
    Agronomic snapshot includes: applied and planned NPKS, applied herbicide groups, pests, rainfall, field rotation information and more
  • Financial snapshot
    Financial snapshot includes: gross margin, cost of production and planned vs actual costs and more.
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View your data in a different way through heatmap layers of agronomic and field performance information on your farm map.

  • Comparison
    Compare yield data, total cost to date, or your planned or actual gross margins by field without ever leaving the maps page.
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Withholding periods

Avoid mistakes, and keep your staff safe and informed by visualizing active withholding periods on your farm map.

  • Highlights
    Field boundaries are highlighted when there’s an active withholding period.
  • Field insights
    Get a legend of the types of withholding periods and relevant dates through field insights
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"The way Agworld presents the information sparks inquisitiveness, rekindles memory and naturally creates discussion among my crew. When you can see a field that’s dark green and the yield per acre is high, you visually imprint that on your mind to say yes – that’s where our stronger soils are, that’s where we get a better irrigation, or that’s where we did a fertilizer study for example. Having this visible in Agworld really makes us more aware of how we are performing and where we might have to adjust."

Hunter Current
Alturas Ranches, Alturas, CA

Agworld client, Alturas Ranches

Make better, data-driven decisions

  • Visibility
    Get visibility of financial and agronomic performance based on planned and actual data
  • Analysis
    Identify and analyse top-performing and poor-performing areas of the operation
  • Decision making
    Improve results and minimize risk with data-driven decisions

Complete agronomic and financial reporting

Agworld has a unique structured data system which means that you can take all your historical farm records and data shared from advisors, and turn them into unparalleled insights for more profitable decisions.

  • Production plan and budget reports
    Report on all planned agronomic information by farm, field or crop. Includes all input requirements, costs, income expectations and scheduling.
  • Farm performance report
    Report on your company’s agronomic and financial position, or summarize by farm, field or crop. Compare end of year gross margins, cost of production and income.
  • Worker protection report
    Report on withholding periods across your farms and fields.
  • Custom reporting
    Make custom queries across any data captured in Agworld. Exportable to .CSV

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