Agronomic Insights to support your decision making

Agronomic insights to support your decision making

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Rotation history

Field by field rotation history with benchmarking and product usage information at your fingertips.

Nutrition tracking

Keeping records of your applied nutrition is simple: you choose the product you’ve applied, Agworld keeps track of the nutrition and active ingredient rates applied to your fields.

Herbicide group tracking

Agworld products are all categorised with their active ingredient loading and chemical group. All you need to do is select the product and enter in your application rates.

Rainfall recording and sharing

The rainfall data you enter into Agworld can be shared with your advisors and your neighbours - you can also see your local weather stations to benchmark your farm rainfall.

Application tracking

Easily see all of your applications on each field to quickly show you applications to date and what’s left to be applied.

Financial insights to minimise your risk

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Job by job financial tracking

Understand exactly how much each application or operation is costing you.

Cost of production

Live cost of product analysis in season, on the go. Set up default prices for all the products you use to easily keep track of how much you’re spending.

Powerful financial reports

You can report on your financial data in a range of formats from the standard farm performance reports through to fully customisable .csv exports and API integrations.

Compare your planned vs. actual spend

Track your cost to date compared to your plans to ensure you’re on track and make profitable decisions.

Standard and Custom Reports to suit your needs

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Understand your whole farm performance

Run Farm Performance reports to summarise and breakdown all of your application and operation data to give you insights into your performance.

Compare your planned vs. actual cost

Financial and product usage tracking allows you to keep on top of your planned vs. actual cost.

Data export options

If you want to export any data out of Agworld, you can use our standard .csv exports or, set up custom reports to pull out exactly what you need.