Plan your season, together with your advisor, and create a plan that will guide you throughout the season to profitability.

Be prepared

Start your season at an advantage with comprehensive season planning

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  • Field 2
  • Field 3
  • High input
  • Low input
  • Organic inputs
Season Plan
Total cost$95/ac
Comprehensive field plans

Field plans from a simple rotation all the way up to detailed, field by field, production plans.

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Due tomorrow
Actual / Plan
N: 12 / 150 lb
P: 0 / 80 lb
K: 0 / 50 lb
Schedule your season in advance

Plan ahead for busy periods and ensure that you have everything you need for the season ahead. Never miss an application with complete plans as a checklist for each field.

Agronomic advantage

Manage your field nutrition, herbicide use and rotations. Your data from previous seasons, including soil samples, can be used to help you make the best plans for each field.

Work to a budget

Understand your risk and gross margin down to a field level

  • Gross Margin by Crop
  • Costs by Crop
Agworld Customer Support team, US office
  • Soy
  • Alfalafa
  • Corn
Product, cost and income budgets

Forecast your product requirements, and budget ahead so that you can competitively purchase your products. Compare your plans to actual costs in-season to make sure you’re staying on track.

  • Wheat Gross Margin Risk Analysis
$25 ac
$100 ac
$175 ac
-$2 ac
$10 ac
$95 ac
-$12 ac
-$8 ac
$18 ac
Financial insights and scenario planning

Understand your potential gross margin for each field in your season plan based on different yield and price scenarios. Analyze your performance by crop, farm and field.

  • Financial
  • Agronomic
Cost to Date
Irrigation water$25/ac
Field Total$11,400
Automatic cost categories

Your planned costs are reported according to their category such as seed, chemical, fertilizer etc. Rapidly discern your cost breakdown for each farm, crop and field.

"I advise all growers to join the Agworld platform so they can collaborate with important stakeholders of their farming operation such as financial advisor or agronomist."

Alan Grafton
K•Coe Isom, Oxford, MS

Work with your team

Ensure everyone has the correct information at all times

Collaborative planning
Growers and advisors can work together on the same plan. When someone makes changes, they are immediately visible to everyone involved.
Professional reports
Share your season’s plans as a working document with your staff or export your complete financial overview and seasonal budget for sharing with financial institutions or advisors.
Agworld client, JF Phillips

Increase the time you spend doing your job, rather than entering data

Crop templates

Save your crop plans as templates to easily copy between fields or from one season to another.

Activity templates

Set up activity templates for your frequently recorded jobs to reduce the time it takes you to enter data into Agworld.

Find & Replace

Fine-tune entire production plans and other jobs with bulk updates in just a few clicks.

Offline Planning

Fill in an entire season plan offline in a few minutes using your templates on the iPad app.

Agworld screenshot, crop performance

"The way I see it, creating digital plans is indispensable for agronomic advisors, and having a sophisticated tool at your disposal makes it much easier to achieve exceptional results."

Vern Johnson
Owner, Arizona Agricultural Solutions, AZ

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