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World leaders in precision ag software

  • 20 years of experience
    Founded in 2001, PCT is a world leader in precision ag software.
  • Cloud-based
    Online tools to create, manage and analyse precision data.
  • Independent
    Like Agworld, PCT is privately owned and completely independent.

Paperless Precision

The world’s fastest end-to-end precision solution

Seamless Precision
From sampling all the way through to prescription generation and recommendations, Agworld offers a completely seamless precision workflow.
Integrations with market leaders
Agworld’s integrations with soil labs, PCT’s precision software tools and our inbuilt workflow will revolutionise your precision offering.
Express RX
Automatically generate prescriptions when soil results are returned from the lab.

"Because the Agworld platform has taken over a lot of the routine and time-consuming tasks, we are now able to focus more on those acres that show high variability and help our growers achieve gains on those fields as well."

Matt Clark
Ceres Solutions, Crawfordsville, IN

For your whole team

From sampling through to generating prescriptions

Plan and assign sampling jobs

Create sampling points, or use last season’s points and assign sampling jobs to your samplers.

Paperless sampling

Your samplers will receive all the information they need and can scan barcoded bags for a paperless lab submission.

Sample results directly into Agworld

Receive your sampling results in Agworld to immediately generate prescriptions.

Prescriptions straight to the applicator

Send your prescriptions and product recommendations straight to your applicators.

Connected Platforms

Import and analyze precision layers

Layers in Agworld

Yield, soil layers and management zone maps can be imported into Agworld.

Offline Access

View all of your layers offline, in the field when you need them.


Easily share your precision data

Seamless connection

No more screenshots, thumb drives or print-outs. Agworld’s integration with PCT allows you to quickly and easily share all your prescriptions and layers in Agworld.

Automatic sync

Once the integration is set up, your new or updated layers will automatically sync from PCT into your Agworld account.

Shared directly with your client

Any layers in your PCT account will also be visible for your clients on Agworld.

"Agworld is a cornerstone of the Platinum Precision program and focuses on providing our growers with the resource that helps them manage all their digital farming needs"

Connor Lankford
Valley Agronomics, Rupert, ID

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