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Deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships with your growers

Agworld customer, Frontier Coop, NE. Jon Brabec in the corn field
Build Trust

Service is key to earning the title of trusted advisor

"Closing the loop with our grower members is our ultimate goal. This involves assisting them in as many aspects of their business as we can from scheduling crop inputs to predicting crop outputs. The only way to do this is to become their trusted advisor and partner; Agworld is indispensable in this process."
Jon Brabec, Marketing Manager
Frontier Coop, Brainard, NE
Compete on Service Case Study

Differentiate yourself from lift-and-shift competitors who compete only on price

"Offering value-adding services like Agworld also helps us keep competition from price-focused (online) suppliers at bay; they only have an opportunity to get business when we have a transactional relationship with a grower. As soon as we work with a grower on their agronomy, get them engaged and provide a valuable service to this grower, we are able to insulate ourselves from that threat."
Connor Lankford, Precision Ag Manager
Valley Agronomics, Rupert, ID
Agworld customer Valley Agronomics, Rupert ID. Connor Lankford. Award ARA Conference Expo 2018
Agworld customer Luckey Farmers Inc, Andrew Gladden
Collaborate Case Study

By engaging your clients on a shared platform, you can deliver more value

"The Agworld platform helps us connect to our growers on a level that allows them to be a partner in this process too. Whether it pertains to small or large growers, technologically sophisticated or more advanced operations; they are all part of the 4R process together with us and Agworld can offer all of them a strong link back to our organization."
Andrew Gladden, IT Director
Luckey Farmers Inc., Woodville, OH.
Differentiate your business Case Study

Align your agronomic consulting with your clients' business interests

"This is the value that Agworld provides us: their data driven platform allows us to align ourselves with the business interests of our growers. So, instead of us being a basic agronomic consultancy firm, with Agworld we can provide integrated data-driven business intelligence services that really add value for our clients. With Agworld, it feels like we become an integral part of a growing operation, and that is when everyone involved in the process becomes a winner."
Nathan Stewart
Agvantage Consulting, Visalia, CA.

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