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Making decisions Case Study

Use data to make better decisions

"By having our growers use Agworld in conjunction with us, they really get a good overview of what is happening on each field and why. Agworld offers our growers an immediate snapshot of all their fields and the status of each field separately, which really enhances the understanding of growers as to what our agronomist are trying to achieve together with them."
Andrew Gladden
IT Director, Luckey Farmers Inc, Woodville, OH
Agronomy Case Study

In-season communication that keeps everyone on the same page

"Agworld assists with open communication between myself and my growers. As soon as I have submitted a planned activity in a recommendation, the grower gets an Agworld notification and knows there’s work to be done. They can then review this recommendation and contact me if they have any concerns. If not, they can just turn it straight into a work order and get it underway."
Jim Pingrey
Colusa County Farm Supply, Williams, CA
Scheduling and Logistics Case Study

Assign, order and complete incoming jobs

"By having all our maps and jobs available in Agworld, we are achieving significant efficiencies. Our applicators and contractors straight away head to the right field and can start with the job while we can have peace of mind that the job gets done correctly. The efficiency is just huge and it directly impacts customer service."
Scott Freiburger, agronomist & plant manager
Valley Agronomics, Paul, ID

Client Billing & Invoicing

Keep your field staff and back office connected

Take Agworld’s solution to the next level by integrating your Agworld Jobs directly into your billing system

Decision Making Case Study

Improve crop-management through precision

"Because Agworld has such an excellent nutrient tracking system, it allows us to be a lot more precise with the amounts of nutrients we apply to each field. We want to make sure we apply enough nutrients to grow what we need to grow, but we don’t want to apply too much - as this can do harm to the fields and it would also get us in trouble with the regulators."
Javier Lopez
Treskilion Management, Sunnyside, WA

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