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Financial Planning & Budgeting Case Study

Set your clients up for success with a clear financial forecast that aligns with their production plan

"Helping our growers with their planning is one of the important parts that Agworld provides now for us, not only at our level but at the grower level. The growers’ response on their end of it has really been excellent, they realize the true value. Our growers appreciate that our crop advisors sit down with them to plan out next years’ crop production plan in Agworld, which provides them with a clear budget for the season. I think this has helped tie us, as a company, a little closer to our growers."
Scott Freiburger
Valley Agronomics, Paul, ID
Financial Advisors Connected Case Study

Make more profitable decisions through communication

"From where I sit, I see Agworld as a tool that is available and working well today and that offers growers assistance in improving their operation. I see many other tools that hold great promise for the future, but without fail they will tell you that they are just not quite there yet. This is why I advise all growers to join the Agworld platform, so they can collaborate with the important stakeholders of their farming operation such as financial advisor or agronomist, but also so that they can start benefiting from the technology that is available now."
Alan Grafton
K•Coe Isom, Oxford, MS
Input Forecasting Case Study

Assist your growers with accurate plans and forecasts

"What I love about budgeting with Agworld is that we’re easily able to create a product price sheet. When I am working on planning for the season ahead, I can automatically create a financial budget for my growers as well. They can review all the activities we’re planning on performing, as well as the cost of each individual activity. The plans show which fertility inputs, herbicides and pesticides we’re recommending to apply."
Jim Pingrey
Colusa County Farm Supply, Williams, CA

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