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Spectral Imagery

Scout with confidence

Agronomists that scout with Agworld, always have their critical data available. With the Vegetative Index layer in Agworld, you can see instantly which parts of the field need attention. Disease, water logging or something else? Agworld helps you quickly find the problem areas so you can determine the underlying issues and the best way to address them.

"We use Agworld daily, which makes it easy to have a quick look at the latest NDVI image whenever we want to. As soon as we see some problem spots on the imagery in Agworld, we can go into the field and try to figure out what the problem is. This is where the Agworld NDVI imagery helps us a lot: it shows us the exact problem areas in our fields to look at."
Ben VanDyke
VanDyke Farms, Yamhill, OR
Soil Sampling

Streamline your sampling process

Agworld Sampling simplifies your company’s sampling workflow by integrating the job creation, soil collection, lab submission and results into one easy to use platform. Our completely paperless solution means that sample results are delivered directly into your Agworld account in the most efficient way possible. Agworld recommends you to take your iPad with you into the field so you can enter all information from your automatic soil sampler straight into Agworld and attach the barcode to your soil sample container in the field, after the sampling has been conducted.

“Because the Agworld platform has taken over a lot of the routine and time-consuming tasks, we are now able to focus more on those acres that show high variability and help our growers achieve gains on those fields as well.”
Matt Clark, Ag Data Manager
Ceres Solutions, Crawfordsville, IN

Get the most out of every acre

Agworld’s precision solution will redefine how you think about precision software and revolutionize your corporate precision offering. Agworld precision integrates every step of your precision solution from organizing soil samples to generating professional reports into one easy to use interface. And because it’s completely integrated with the full Agworld platform, the prescriptions you create can be converted directly into actionable work orders.

“Agworld is a cornerstone of the Platinum Precision program and focuses on providing our growers with the resource that helps them manage all their digital farming needs”
Connor Lankford
Precision Ag Manager

Valley Agronomics, Rupert, ID

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