Fresh dirt from the Agworld team

2 days ago Zach Sheely

From 20/20 hindsight to foresight in 2020

As we are entering a new decade, and Agworld is entering into its 10th year of conducting business, I am noticing a distinct difference in the way growers as well as agronomists and other service providers are treating ag technology. The last 10 to...

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6 days ago Reinder Prins

Safeguarding your ag data

Moving into 2020, it feels like ag data is front-of-mind for many growers around the world. Many conferences, like Precision Vision, and other forums discuss ag data and the uses it can have for growers. Data, either quantitative or just ‘the things...

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18 days ago

Agworld acquires all assets of Greenbook

After recently celebrating its 10 year anniversary and expanding into its 5th major market, Canada, Agworld is now excited to announce it has acquired all assets and ongoing affairs of Greenbook from Farm Journal. Greenbook, one of the USA’s most comprehensive...

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10 months ago Doug Fitch

Vision and Viability in Agtech

It has been nearly two years since I published my thoughts about ‘building your own’ and, as the topic is still as relevant now as it was back then, I think it is time for a follow-up article to see what has changed since August 2017. What we saw a...

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11 months ago Matt Powell

What happens with my data?

What happens with my data?

This is a question that we get asked often, and with good reason. Agricultural software users are seeing a landscape with many providers and dynamics that change almost by the day. Most Farm Management or Farm ERP Software...

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11 months ago Reinder Prins

20/20 vision in agriculture; need a new prescription?

Anyone that wears glasses, or contacts like I do, will be familiar with the feeling of getting a new set of glasses with improved correction and no scratches; oh man, doesn’t that make everything look clearer! It is this exact feeling that was described...

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11 months ago

Agworld features in 2019 Thrive Top 50

Agworld is excited to announce that, for a second year running, the Thrive Agtech & SVG Ventures team has selected Agworld as part of the prestigious Thrive Top 50. The organization behind Thrive, in collaboration with EY, Corteva, Land O’Lakes, Driscoll...

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11 months ago Josh Lay

Continually improving user experiences

Agworld started back in 2009 and a couple of years later Apple released its first iPad. It didn’t take long for Agworld to understand the opportunities that an iPad can offer our users, which paved the way for creating the first ‘Agworld for iPad’...

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12 months ago Reinder Prins

Using data in winter crop planting

Plant ’19 is getting closer every day and I’m sure that many growers throughout the Midwest will be working hard to ensure that their planting equipment is ready for another period of intense use. In Australia, Harvest ’19 for summer crops has been...

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12 months ago Zach Sheely

Planting records – the start of a record harvest?

As the record low temperatures are starting to ease up a bit, a lot of growers will only have one thing on their mind: planting time is coming closer. Except for Texas, of course, they have been making us envious with ‘plant19’ hashtags on Twitter...

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about 1 year ago Simon Foley

What are the barriers to adoption of digital agriculture?

There has been a huge increase in agtech development in Australia, with new technologies becoming available on a daily basis. With many products having proven track records to help growers solve their problems and improve their bottom line, why aren...

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about 1 year ago LeeAnn Murphy

Service still the #1 focus for Agworld in 2019

The perception of what ‘service’ means, is different for every client. For some, service means getting assistance from a friendly team member where for others it means receiving a quality product and yet others again merely look at the perceived ‘value...

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about 1 year ago Charles DuBourg

Managing workflow and information in orchards

As is the case in many farming operations, orchards tend to be ever-expanding in order to maintain economies of scale. With an increase in size comes an additional burden of managing workflows and growing information streams, which raises a question...

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