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3 days ago Matt Collins

The Power of Tiny Gains

Leveraging Your Ag-Data to Achieve Long-Term Advantage.

At Agworld we recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary of delivering ag-tech solutions to growers and their advisors. That milestone gave us the opportunity to catch up with many of our long...

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11 days ago Doug Fitch

2020 - When being Paperless matters

As I’m writing this, the COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly getting out of control in many parts of the world. Across the USA, a number of lockdown measures have been enacted, which means in a lot of cases that only those in professions deemed critical...

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27 days ago Doug Fitch

Agtech - where Expertise matters

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As Agworld celebrated its 10th year of doing business last year, I’ve had many conversations about our critical success factors and what shapes us as an organization. There weren’t nearly as many...

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about 1 year ago Simon Foley

What are the barriers to adoption of digital agriculture?

There has been a huge increase in agtech development in Australia, with new technologies becoming available on a daily basis. With many products having proven track records to help growers solve their problems and improve their bottom line, why aren...

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about 1 year ago LeeAnn Murphy

Service still the #1 focus for Agworld in 2019

The perception of what ‘service’ means, is different for every client. For some, service means getting assistance from a friendly team member where for others it means receiving a quality product and yet others again merely look at the perceived ‘value...

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about 1 year ago Charles DuBourg

Managing workflow and information in orchards

As is the case in many farming operations, orchards tend to be ever-expanding in order to maintain economies of scale. With an increase in size comes an additional burden of managing workflows and growing information streams, which raises a question...

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about 1 year ago Reinder Prins

Service remains key in Ag Retail

With the Christmas holidays over and 2019 in full swing, most of us will have had some time to reflect on 2018 and on what we think 2019 might have in store for us personally and for agriculture in general. During this break I managed to catch up with...

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over 1 year ago

Generating a passion for Agricultural Careers

In order to address the declining number of students choosing technology, science and engineering career paths, Women in Technology Western Australia launched the Techtrails STEM outreach program in 2010. From 2011 onwards the Techtrails program has...

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over 1 year ago

2018 Farmer Veteran Stakeholders Conference

A special sunrise flag-raising ceremony at the National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, KS on Friday November 16th marked the start of the annual Farmer Veteran Stakeholders Conference, welcoming veterans of all service eras—including...

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over 1 year ago Reinder Prins

2019 Planning Your Profitability

Anyone who reads this title will probably think: “well, isn’t this the case every year?” And yes, indeed, profitability is always important, and the bottom line is the main driver for decisions every cropping season. Coming off a season like we’ve...

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over 1 year ago

Elders agronomists enlist tech tools to go the extra mile

Twenty-three-year-old Harry Brown began his career as an agronomist at Elders Mildura seven months ago and despite the challenges of extremely low rainfall and tough conditions he says Elders’ innovative programs and tech tools are providing him and...

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over 1 year ago

Valley Ag wins Precision Impact Award

Agpro magazine named Valley Agronomics the 2018 Precision Impact Award Winners at the 2018 ARA Expo and Conference. The Precision Impact Award recognizes retailers who are leading the industry with precision ag in products and services offered to farmers...

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over 1 year ago Simon Foley

Integrating Ag-tech in rural businesses

Making digital ag profitable

How can I integrate precision ag in my business? When do I ‘do enough technology’ to keep up with the market? How can I convert precision ag into a profit driver for my business?

Agworld general manager Australia / New...

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over 1 year ago Doug Fitch

The value of collaboration in Agriculture

With an increasing number of technology providers offering their services to growers with the aim of solving very specific problems or offering service in a small niche of agriculture, I see more and more ‘silos’ forming in the ag-tech landscape. And...

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