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More pins available in agworld
22 days ago Louisa Detje

More pins available in Agworld

Geospatial pins have long been part of Agworld, and offer a way to mark a place on your farm map so that you can easily refer back to this specific location on the map. Existing pins in Agworld have come in particularly useful for ground-truthing geospatial...

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Agronomic snapshot now shows additional field information
29 days ago Matt Collins

Agronomic snapshot now shows additional field information

At Agworld, we believe in making the right information visible and accessible to the on-farm decision-makers and operators, so you don’t have to dig through large amounts of data to find the information you’re looking for. The agronomic snapshot feature...

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Recording your harvest in Agworld has changed
about 1 month ago

Recording your harvest in Agworld has changed

Harvest is an integral part of the farming season; recording harvest operations, yield and revenue in Agworld is the final piece of the puzzle for each season. Together with other operations and costs incurred during the season, harvest data allows...

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Agworld US office
4 months ago Robert Barnett

Agworld Apps, privacy, and the data we collect

In June 2020 Apple announced that it would soon require all developers to disclose their app’s privacy practices to customers via a new ‘privacy summary’ that will appear on all apps’ product pages. As of January 2021, the Agworld apps will have this...

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Agworld expands into new office space team photo outside front door
8 months ago Krista Ebert

Importing activities from John Deere Operations Center

Over the last two months one of Agworld’s development squads has been busy improving your user experience within the Agworld John Deere integration. Our main objective of this project is to improve your data accuracy by reducing data-entry errors and...

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Agworld client Soulsby Malmo, crouching in Wheat Field
10 months ago Dave Jeffries

Agworld App update: Managing Identical Planned Activities

The product and development teams are always working to create a better Agworld experience for our customers whether that is squashing bugs, freshening up existing features or building new functionality. We’ve gone back to the basics with the most...

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about 1 year ago Doug Fitch

Agworld Business Continuity

As we are all gradually becoming used to the new reality and challenges that COVID-19 is presenting us as a business as well as our clients, I wanted to update you on the measures Agworld is taking to maintain normal business operations and the usual...

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about 1 year ago Krista Ebert

Seeding improvements for the 2020 season

The product and development teams at Agworld continuously work on improving those features of the Agworld platform that find most use with our clients. For the start of the 2020 season we decided to make some of the most-requested improvements to the...

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about 3 years ago

John Deere Operations Center

Over the years, we've built the Agworld platform to become a global leader in ag data creation and storage. From day one, we've seen an industry need for structured data; where everyone is working on one platform, speaking in a language that is universal...

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over 3 years ago

Print Your Farm Maps

Our latest web release allows you to more accurately print your farm maps by letting you choose the sections of your farm that you want to print and then letting you see exactly what will be printed before you hit the...

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almost 4 years ago

Your Region's Rainfall Map

Rain is the lifeblood of Australian Agriculture and in years like this when it does finally rain, it can be pretty patchy. BOM records are helpful but don’t always accurately reflect what fell on your farm. As a result, most farm businesses already...

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over 4 years ago

Agworld and Figured Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Figured.

Central to Figured’s values is its ability to connect the farming team – farmers, accountants, bankers and agronomists – around one set of real time and forward looking...

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